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Bored with your planner? 5 things to do to mix it up!

Bored with your planner? 5 things to do to mix it up!

I think it’s safe to say many of us in this community strive for consistency with our planners. Achieving what ‘planner peace’ means to you. However, there is one downside to using the same setup or planner for a long period of time.

It can get boring. 

And how likely are we to make the most of our system if it doesn’t bring us the same excitement it once had?

Well, maybe that’s your cue to switch things up!

It’s understandable that it can be quite daunting if you have used the same planner setup for a while. I suggest to start small and adjust the following suggestions if need be so that they work for you.


This tip does depend on what kind of system you’re using. For example, if you’re using a boundbook system, you might not use a cover with your planner. This could be your chance to try something new and different.

Dress your planner in a new colour you’ve always wanted to try. Or maybe it’s time to order your first custom cover where you get to design all the specs to your liking. Whichever cover will bring back that spark for you.


If the previous is still not hitting the spot for you, it could be time to try something new completely. There are so many different planners out there. 

Just to name a few if you’re not too sure about your options…

Since this can be a huge change that will take more time to adjust to, I would suggest starting simple and using an undated setup so that it if doesn’t end up working for you, there is no pressure to shelve it. It could even be enough just to try something new for a few weeks to renew your love for your prior system.


There are so many amazing inserts out there. I love finding new printables I can print straight away and test out as many times as I like. Or maybe you’ve always stuck to printables and would like to splurge on some quality printed inserts for a change. I love feeling the different textures and paper quality some shops have 😍 

Experiment with different weekly layouts, maybe a vertical spread has always been your jam but you want try using a horizontal layout instead. So many shops have come out with bundles where you get multiple inserts for the same value of purchasing one. If you’ve always strived for more minimal layouts, it could be the time to try something with a bit of flair. Have fun with it 😊


Depending on what your stash looks like, this may be your sign to put to good use all those stickers you’ve been hoarding all this time 😂 Even the smallest changes like switching up your pen, whether it’s moving from a ballpoint to gel, a different nib size or colour. This is something I’ve tried recently with using a Blue Black Pentel pen. It has been really nostalgic for me, and I love it.

Add in fun things that you love, it could be photos of loved ones or some fun die cuts that give you a good laugh when you open your planner. Maybe you want to accessorise your planner and add a cute clip or two. One of the great things about having your own planner is that it is essentially an extension of you. So let that reflect in how you decorate and set it up.


Now this last tip is not for everyone but can be super fun to try out. A fun way to spice things up is to center your set up around a specific theme. This can be a colour, a certain aesthetic, or your favourite show or fandom. You can get so creative with this and I love seeing how other people try this out. If you’d like to see some inspo to get you started, Elle @elle_planns and Arelle @rledzn are well known in the community for creating amazing themed setups with their planners. I highly recommend you check them out on Instagram and YouTube 😌

I recently tried this myself with a Bridgerton themed set up in my ring planner, I loved setting this up! 

I definitely want to try some other themes in the future just to add a bit of fun to my system. I encourage you to give this a go if you’re wanting to try something completely different.

There is so much inspiration in this community. If you’re not too sure where to start, grab yourself a drink, get cozy and have yourself a planner content sesh. See what ideas come to mind. Reach out to your planner friends and if possible, organise a meetup (whether in personal or virtually) and make a day out of it. 

The possibilities are endless. If there are any ideas or suggestions that I’ve missed, make sure to share them down below!

Until next time xx


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