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5 Lists to Keep in Your Planner

5 Lists to Keep in Your Planner

I don’t think I know one planner person who isn’t a list maker at heart. I love my lists, you can find a whole section dedicated to my collection in my planner. 

Whether you’re looking to refresh your system or are new to the planner community, I thought we could go over some key lists that I’ve found useful to keep on hand inside your planner. 

There are so many printables and freebies others have shared in the community with ideas of lists you can create. I’m only going to share the ones I consider to be the most useful, which is of course subjective. Feel free to share down in the comments some of the handy lists you keep in your own planner 😊

Without further adieu, let’s get into it.

Grocery List

When I think of lists, grocery or shopping lists come to mind for sure. You can brain dump anything and everything you’re needing to purchase from the stores. At the moment, I keep my main shopping list in sections using a four box grid layout titled with my most common type of purchases. 

You could expand on this and create a whole collection of lists based on stores you often shop from and keep a running list of items to buy from each one. If you’re looking at making a grocery-specific list, you could break down your list into category type e.g. fruit and veg, produce, toiletries etc. 

Self Care Lists

I’m trying to work on referencing these lists more often. If you’ve had a tiring day or you’ve fallen into slump and need a good pick me up, these are the lists you want to turn to. I know some people even schedule a specific time during their day to do at least one self care activity each day. You’re going to need somewhere to jog ideas if you’re feeling stuck. 

There are a lot of good self care ideas out there but I would suggest taking some time to sit down and really think about what you should include on your personal list. Maybe you need a list of boundaries for yourself so that you can protect your energy, or maybe you have specific journaling prompts you like to use when you need to clear your mind. One idea to get you started, think about some of your favourite media you like to consume. What’s that one show you know you love to binge on a gloomy day?

Inventory List

This type of list can be really handy to store in your collection. We have all done the thing where you go to the shops to buy something, only to realise when you get home you already have two packs sitting in your cupboard (I know I’m guilty 😂✋🏽).

I’ve seen some planner users create inventories for what they’ve got in their fridge or their pantry which is helpful if you’re looking to make a certain recipe or meal prep. Maybe you’re like May and own your own business. In that case, keeping stock inventory lists for your store is key. 

Perhaps your planning supplies are starting to get out of hand or you’ve just realised you’ve bought the same printable insert twice. Start writing a list of all the physical and digital planner items you own, you’ll thank me later 😉 (unless you have a whole room dedicated to your supplies, you might want to schedule out a whole weekend to tackle this haha).

Favourites List

Similar to the inventory lists, you may find it helpful to write down your favourite items to use e.g. specific hair or make-up products you love. I’ve recently started noting down how my skin reacts to different face cleansers to determine which I want to use as my favourite daily cleanser.

I know a lot of us are huge meal planners, maybe you need to keep a list of your favourite meals to make. Anyone often get put on the spot when someone asks you, what do you want for dinner? This is your list. 

To-do List

How could I write a post about useful lists and not include the classic to-do list? However, if you wanted to spice things up, you could look at categorising your task or to-do lists. 

For example, maybe not every item on your list can realistically get done in one day. Prioritise what needs to get done first. Some tasks you can leave for a free weekend if you don’t have time during the week and create a ‘weekend-specific’ to-do list. Maybe it’s a ‘someday-maybe’ list if it doesn’t need to be done by a specific date and can wait. Or maybe these tasks aren’t for yourself, make a list to delegate tasks to co-workers or family. The possibilities are endless.

So what do you think? Did any of these types of lists spark any ideas for you? I hope you found THIS list useful (I had to 😂). Let me know if I’m missing any key lists down below in the comments! 😊

Take care guys xx


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